A well-defined problem is half solved.


We exist to shape
the AI Frontier.

We are in the early innings of a technology platform shift catalyzed by AI, where a whole new world of possibilities is emerging across every industry. Yet we are constrained on capturing the full value of data.

We believe data = human potential

Together, humans and machines are pushing the boundaries.  

This new paradigm for human-machine interaction and how we direct its evolution will enable profound innovations that change the way we work, live, and take care of our world.

We support founders solving technical and impactful problems to build a tomorrow where humans thrive.

Defined is architected as a thesis-driven venture capital firm investing as early as possible and taking a full-stack approach across the building blocks of the AI Frontier.

OUR philosophy

We empower founders to realize what's next.

We partner with entrepreneurs, engineers and academics to realize their imagined futures and build breakout companies.
Since 2014, we've invested in AI / ML and frontier technology observing a new playbook for company building.

We work with founders to re-architect how to solve problems in radically new ways.

We help unlock innovation at scale.

We have cultivated a unique set of expertise and foster connections with leaders in the field to provide founders valuable guidance and insightful support to shape their vision and navigate their journey toward success.

We converge multiple worlds together and invite their synergy to translate breakthroughs into value for companies and humanity.

If you’re a founder shaping the frontier, we want to hear from you.

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